Small sandwiches     5
(Homemade Gluten-Free Bread available for $1 extra)

– Organic Egg Scramble
– Fig Brie Apple
– Avocado Goat Cheese
– Salami Arugula
– Mozzarella & Tomato
– Ham Cheese
– Tomato Cheese

Sandwich Plate     11.5
Salad of your choice*, homemade corn soup, your choice of one small sandwich (with two small sandwiches add 2.5)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Plate     13
Dark meat of all natural free-range chicken, baby arugula, tomato, yuzu-pepper mayo, gruyere cheese on brioche bun with salad of your choice*

*Please choose either Mediterranean Salad or Mixed Green Salad

One Plate Meal

Homemade Granola Fruit with Yogurt      8

Two Eggs w/Potato Gratin     12
Two eggs (scrambled or sunny-side up), potato gratin.
Served with Mediterranean salad or mixed green salad.
Optional toast for $1. *GF $2.

Croissant French Toast     12
Two croissants as French toast: fruits salad, maple syrup, and whipped cream

Croque Madame     14
Grilled French ham and gruyere cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce and organic scrambled egg on top with salad of your choice*

*Please choose either Mediterranean Salad or Mixed Green Salad

Japanese Meal

Okinawan Taco Rice     13
Invented in the 60’s, Tex-Mex favorite with a Japanese twist, ground all natural pork, chopped vegetables and cheese and fried organic egg over rice

Tsukune Don     13
Japanese Chicken Meatball with teriyaki sauce, nori, scallion, sesame, and soft egg over rice. Served with miso soup

Japanese Vegetable Curry     15
Seasonal vegetables cooked in original curry sauce over rice. Comes with mixed green salad and sliced hard boiled egg.

Japanese Hamburg Steak     15
Organic ground beef patty with melted gruyere cheese on top. Simmered in demi glace sauce and served over rice with mixed green salad and sliced hard-boiled egg

Sashimi Zuke Don     17
Soy sauce marinated sashimi of the day, avocado, sweet mushrooms,nori, sesame, egg sprinkle over sushi rice. Served with miso soup (Limited availability)

Sake Teishoku     17
Grilled Scottish salmon with sea salt, rice, Edamame, hijiki, and pickles. Served with miso soup

Vegan Veggie Chirashi     13
Radish, cucumber, carrot, edamame, sweet mushrooms, scallion, nori, micro sprouts, avocado, sesame seeds over rice with homemade vinaigrette ginger sauce.
Optional Miso soup for $2 (fish broth).


Market Fruit Salad     4

Mixed Green Salad     5

Mediterranean Salad     5

Hijiki     4.5

Miso Soup     3/5

Homemade Corn Soup     3/5

Potato Gratin     6

Scrambled Egg     2.5

Sunny side up     2.5

Edamame     5

Home Baked Goods

Plain Croissant     2.5

Chocolate Croissant     3

Banana Nutella Croissant     4

Almond cloud cookie     2

Almond Caramel Florentine     3 


Banana Cake     4

Matcha Roulade     5

Earl Grey Crème Brûlée     7


Mimosa     9
Fresh squeezed OJ, sparkling wine

Fizzy Pear     9
Pear juice, sparkling wine

Bloody Maki     10
Shochu, tomato juice, red yuzu pepper, hot sauce, spices

Salty Mama     10
Shochu, grapefruit juice, grapefruit bitter and homemade shiso sea salt

French Wines

Marquis de la Tour     9/36
Loire Valley, France (sparkling)
Delicate floral aromas coupled with citrus and melon. Crisp, clean and light with fine bubbles.

Diamarine Rose     8/32
Coteaux Varois en Provence, France (rose)
Wonderfully light rose with youthful elements and flavors of melon, light red and stone fruits and a hint of a floral note

Muscadet Sevre et Maine     7/28
Le Loroux Bottereau, France (white)
Zesty, crisp white wine with lemon and green apple aromas. Tart lemon flavors awaken the mouth and lime notes appear around the edges

Beau Palais     7/28
Bordeaux Blend, FRANCE (RED)
It is round and fleshy on the plate, offering heaps of dark berry fruit and notes of plum. Soft tanning on the finish make this an appealing red for everyday enjoyment.

Japanese Beers

Sapporo     6

Ginga Kogen     9


Drip Coffee     2/2.5

Americano     2.5/3

Espresso     2

Macchiato     3

Cortado     3

Cappuccino     3.5

Café Latte     4

Mocha     4.5

Hot Chocolate     3.5

Lavender Latte     5.5

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee     3.5


Matcha Cappuccino     4/5

Iced Matcha Milk     4.5

Tea Latte     4
(Earl Grey, Assam, Chai, Chamomile, Peppermint)

Iced Chai Latte     4.5

Loose-leaf Tea     3
(Earl Grey / Assam / Chai / Genmai Cha / Chamomile / Peppermint / Strawberry Hibiscus)

Iced Tea     3

Juice & more

Fresh Squeezed OJ     4

Grapefruit Juice     3

Mint Lemonade     4

Organic Apple Soy Shake     6